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Custom Designs in Vintage Letterpress Wood and Metal Types

custom designed typography images

Words, phrases, slogans, proverbs, questions, alphabet sets, symbols, typography abstracts …

I have more than 1000 pictures in my stock photography portfolio created with vintage letterpress printing blocks, a variety of fonts, both wood and metal. Some type sets are more than 100 years old and have a lot of character: scratches, dents, stains. Wood printing blocks have beautiful ink patina.


These pictures are available for licensing as royalty free digital downloads starting with $2 and as prints. Most of my pictures are also available in various stock agencies including Shutterstock, Dreamstime, BigStock, Graphic Leftovers, iStockPhoto. However, choice of my images in stock agencies is somewhat limited, since I cannot upload all my designs there.

Custom Designs

If you cannot find what you need in my stock portfolio I am offering custom designs. Letterpress text can be shot on different backgrounds including vintage wood, metal, canvas, stone, textured art papers. Words isolated on white usually require more work. My collection of letterpress type sets is growing, but there are some limitations in availability of fonts. I have several full sets and a lot of mixed fonts. Please contact me for more information and discuss your needs. I accept credit card payments through PayPal.

How it works:

  • I am shooting exclusively for you. The picture will not be sold to anybody else. However, I may use it for marketing and display purposes (e.g., in this blog) unless you request otherwise.
  • You are granted unlimited use, except that you are not allowed to resell the picture.
  • Usually, I will have more than one version to choose from.
  • I will e-mail you thumbnail(s) for your acceptance and PayPal invoice.
  • After payment you can download the final version(s) from Dropbox.
  • My turnover time is quite short: about 3 days.

Examples and pricing

Single word or short text

$60 for the first picture with a short text isolated on white or on a background assuming that you are decided on the picture style and I don’t need to shoot multiple versions. Each additional picture $40. Here are some examples of the word design in different variations:

 design word in wood type
example 11
 design - word in metal type
example 12
design word in letterpress typography
example 13
custom design
example 21
website design
example 22
design word in metal type
example 23
design word in wood type
example 31
web design
example 32
design typography
example 33
example 41
web design
example 42
  design - twisted printing blocks
example 43

Composite pictures

$100 – a typical price for a composite picture created with more than one word shot separately. These pictures include some manipulations, resizing, etc.

example 51
Black Friday sale
example 52
explore ideas places opinions
example 53

More creative projects

I would be happy to work with you on more creative projects which would include some props in addition to letterpress blocks or combinations of different fonts.

example 61
design concept in wood type
example 62
design concept in wood type
example 63

Letterpress typesets

And, some examples of wood and metal letterpress type sets I am working with:

question mark and alphabet
example 71
wood type alphabet
example 72
alphabet in letterpress wood type
example 73
alphabet in vintage wooden letterpress type
example 81
French Clarendon wood type alphabet
example 82
alphabet in grunge metal type
example 83
 English alphabet in metal type
example 91
English alphabet with punctuation symbols
example 92
English alphabet, dollar, cent and punctuation signs in vintage metal type
example 93
English alphabet in wood letterpress type
example 101
alphabet in vintage metal type
example 102
alphabet in vintage wood type
example 103

Isolated letter and number sets

I am also offering several isolated sets of a complete English alphabet and numbers. With some efforts you can compose any text using those symbols, however the text will be flat. When I am shooting words I am trying to create some perspective and they look more 3-dimensional.

English alphabet in letterpress wood type
example 111
isolated alphabet in vintage letterpress wood type
example 112
lowercase alphabet in wood type
example 113

How to start

The easiest way would be to find an image you like. Review pictures on this page (refer to example # label) or in my portfolio. Just send me link to the picture and I will reproduce that style with your text.

Some things to consider about the style:

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